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How To Copy Any Content From Right Click Disabled Website

How To Copy Any Content From Right Click Disabled Website

Guys, In today's time it is common to copy and paste someone else's thing.Though, there are a few people who give credit to the right owner of the article.Especially, Most people copy the article of another blog and increase plagiarism.Apart from all Auto-blogging tool, The most common form of copying a page is by selecting text> mouse to right-click and copy the content. Though in many sites, you can disable it by adding javascript.And in WordPress, You can easily disable this by adding the disable right click wordpress is a very bad thing if you copy someone else's post but if anybody copies your post then you can complain to the Google DMCA.

When I tried to copy a post from a site, I couldn't copy that article from it because the site was right click disabled.That's why I had done all those efforts which will help me to copy that article so that I could copy the post from those sites.There are many sites available on the internet that has disabled the CTRL+C option so that they can keep their articles safe from hackers and malicious sites.

Trick to copy text from Right click Disabled Sites:

There are 2 ways to copy right click disabled sites.

1.By disabling browser javascript
2.By using the source code of the site

Most of the blogger and webmaster use javascript to disable right click on their site and using this trick they can prevent their article from malicious and hackers.

When we surf online, we get a lot of tricks like how-to and guides which is useful for us.We select that article and copy it with right click and paste it into the notepad or Wordpad and save that whenever we need it we can use it.But there are some sites where the right click is disabled
when we try to copy something from those sites, a message box appears saying "Right click on this site is disabled Hold Ctrl key and click on a link to open in new tab"

But there are some ways available using that you can copy from those sites which are right click disabled.

By Disabling JavaScript In Google Chrome :

In google chrome, you can easily disable javascript by going to setting section.

1.First, open your Chrome browser
2.Now go to the setting.

3.Now click on advanced option.

4.Now click on privacy and security option.

5.Now click on content setting.

6.Now click on javascript.

7.Now Disable the allowed (recommended) javascript.

Or you can enter this link in your search box: chrome://settings/content
If you are using Mozilla Firefox then you can remove the tick from “Enable JavaScript” option.

2.By using the source code of the site :

If you want to copy contents from any site then you can copy it by its source-code.Mostly, All the browser has an option to open source code which you can access directly using by right click.


To copy content open the page source of that site and find the paragraph which you want to copy and simply paste it into your text editor.

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