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Welcome to blog.I made this blog for those people who want to earn online money or doing online business and to learn something new on the internet.Here we provide very useful content about blogging, money making, youtube, seo tips&tricks and much more. 

Mostly here we share money making and blogging skills.

About Softappis : was made in 2017 and here we share about blogging, money making, Youtube related topics, blogger related topics, other computer tricks which you should know and search engine optimization.There are many topics available in and you should follow this site.

The main goal of this website is to help out people for their online business.

In many countries, people make money online by their skill then why we not??
You can also make money online by spending some time on the internet.You just have to follow some rules and you should have some basic knowledge about internet.

By the way, If you are new to the internet and you have to make money online then you have come to the right place.Here you will get all the information about online marketing.

If you like our skills then please don't forget to share our site on social media.Getting more response makes me proud and you all guys inspire us to write a more good article.

Our Goal :

Our goal is to help to the newbie user for blogging and online marketing.we also provide tricks about computer and mobile.overall our main goal is to help out every new internet user.


  1. Dear,
    I have to know how to make paytm double money..
    Is it possible or not , I mean people say that they can double the amount like if we give 1000rs to them they will give us 2000 or even more.. So how is it possible..???


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